7N Simmental Ranch
7N BEEFBUILDER 71P            
     ASA # 3,383,040
 B Fat       
Lchman Bodybuilder 7303F    X   7N Fortune 500 22J
7N Goodnuff 129N  w/
7N Beefbuilder 71P son
7N Branded Beef 59P w/           
    Forster Canyon son
7N Americana 135J  
w/ Bodybuilder son
7N Fortune 500 109K
w/  Preferred Beef son
Located in the native prairie region of S Central
North Dakota, 7N Simmental Ranch, was
established by Arlyn and Sourey Schmidt in 1965 as
a commercial Hereford cow/calf operation. Early in
the 1970's, the herd was transitioned into a seed
stock operation, through exclusive A.I. breeding to
fullblood and purebred Simmental sires.                   
     Fleckvieh blood sires were the predominant
influence to our breeding program through the first 2
decades, leading into the solid red and black
Simmental change of the 1990's.                             
     Also in 1994, Red Angus genetics were added
to a select portion of the cow base and F1 females
were selected to upgrade to the present herd of
50% Purebred Simmental and 50% Red Angus
     Calving begins early April, and continues through
mid-May. Calves are weaned and weighed in late
October. NO creep feed is provided. Bull calves are
fazed onto a 3.5 lb. per day gain ration, with index
comparison taken between 90 and 100 days.       
Heifer calves are wintered on a high roughage
ration at about 2 lbs. per day.                                 
      A select group of 65 bulls and 65 heifers are
auctioned at the 7N Ranch Sale Barn, on the 2nd
Mon. in March, annually.
Arlyn N. Schmidt                            Tele. #(701) 486-3420
4850 41st St SE                             Cell  #(701) 320-0371
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                                              e-mail: bullman@daktel.com  
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4848 41st St SE                              Cell  #(701) 269-9321
Medina, ND 58467                                                              
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